"The great conversion", an analysis by Philippe Mudry dans les Echos

Posted on 11/25/2022
Philippe Mudry, former director general of Agefi, wrote a column in Les Echos dated November 23, in which he exposes, at through a very fine analys...

Revue Banque: the debate between Jean-François Serval and Christian de Boissieu on debt issues is available online

Posted on 11/22/2022
Jean-François Serval, president of Groupe Audit Serval, and Christian de Boissieu, economist, professor emeritus at Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), vi...

Revue Banque : the challenges of debt, a cross-section of views between Jean-François Serval and Christian de Boissieu

Posted on 10/27/2022
Jean-François Serval, president and founder of Groupe Audit Serval and Christian de Boissieu, economist, professor emeritus at Paris I (Panthéon-...

How to get out of the debt trap through productive investment?

Posted on 10/24/2022
Jean-François Serval and Jean-Pascal Tranié published in Agefi Hebdo, dated October 13, 2022, an article presenting the content of their latest boo...

Jean-François Serval's and Jean-Pascal Tranié's new book about monetary reform and the challenge of debt

Posted on 06/08/2022
Jean-François Serval, founder partner of  Groupe Audit Serval, and his co-author, Jean-Pascal Tranié, head of an international investment fund, con...

“Inflation and cryptocurrencies, first challenges for central banks"

Posted on 05/31/2022
In the daily newspaper l'Opinion, dated 03/30/2022, Jean-François Serval published a column on the current challenges of the return of inflation. J...

The challenge of digitalisation facing the scandals in the accounting profession

Posted on 02/15/2022
 Jean-François Serval has published an article about the challenge of digitalisation and the recent scandals in the accounting profession, in the F...

Publication of an article about e-euro

Posted on 01/15/2021
An article of Jean-François Serval and Jean-Pascal Tranié was published in the ENA journal. For the time being it is only available in French langu...

Publication of an article on debt crisis "Les Echos"

Posted on 09/14/2020
You can download the article of JF Serval published in "Les Echos" on 7th August 2020

Publication d'un article dans le Figarovox/Tribune : «La sphère monétaire doit se réaligner sur l’économie réelle»

Posted on 07/08/2020
Le FigaroVox/Tribune publie un article en date du 5 juin 2020, dans lequel notre Président Jean-François SERVAL et Jean-Pascal Tranié, spécialiste ...

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