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Groupe Audit is a network of financial auditors composed of several professional entities with international activity. The website of Groupe Audit and its content are protected in author rights and in rights of intellectual property. Without prerequisite authorization from an authorized person, it is prohibited to copy any information, picture, graphs, photos or any other data indicated on this website.
While using this website, you are accepting the general user conditions indicated in the following text. If you do not accept these conditions, you are not allowed to use this website and you are invited to immediately stop navigating on it.

Exoneration of responsibility applicable Ă  Groupe Audit, its network members and correspondents and all associated entities and its employees.
The content of this website is only an orientation guide and cannot replace professional legal, fiscal, or accountancy consultation. If you have any questions please send your request to
The documents available on this website are for personal use only of you or your colleagues. In no case they can be used for commercial activities. Its utilization has to respect the authors’ rights or the rights of Groupe Audit.
The utilization of the corporate logo underlies the prerequisite authorization of an authorized person or the communication service of Groupe Audit.
The privacy policy is applicable on all information that you will provide while navigating on this website. We are insuring protection of your personal data and its confidential preservation.
The below-mentioned rules of privacy and of personal data protection can, if necessary, be modified and completed at any time. The reply on some tabs of this website can be subject to specific rules especially concerning applications but it never can exceed the final needs of the subject.
Personal data
In order to connect to this website, the user voluntarily indicates in advance his / her identification data.
The personal information indicated is: First Name, Last Name, professional address, phone number, company, job title. For all publication orders you consent us to keep your personal data corresponding to your profession or to your professional functions. You data is kept in order to provide you with updates of the requested publication, to provide you with new publications or to invite you for events linked with themes that may be interesting for your or for your company.
Upon formal and legally justified request, we may communicate this information to legal authorities, regulatory control agencies or to other defense authorities respecting rules of procuration or against a legal order acceptable in France.
Groupe Audit is respecting the importance of privacy policy and personal date protection.
We do not collect sensible personal data such as mental or physical health, penal records, religious affiliation, ethnic or racial origin, opinions whatever nature. All information we may receive in these directions and those exceeding the need of the finality of our categories as requested in our forms, even if received via dialog exchanges will be automatically deleted.
Information kept in our professional database:
All data kept in our internal database is independent from this website (except of applications that are linked to our secured space linked to the online application tab). All kept data is subject to professional secret.

Collect of personal data:
When visiting our website, no personal data is collected. Groupe Audit may collect personal data in order to be able to better reply on requests made via our website. This concerns all requests for our publications / documentation or for our services and the applications. In the recruitment tab you have the possibility to apply on jobs published on our website. In this case we will keep the personal information necessary for the recruitment process and we reserve the right to keep your CV for later job needs within our group as well as for our partners. This data is not diffused or used for other activities as such ones for which it was provided. Except of your consent, your data will be deleted from the application database 6 months after occupation of the corresponding job.
The communication of professional data in order to be able to give you access to our documentation / publication is compulsory. Groupe Audit reserves the right not to reply on requests that do not indicate complete professional information such as requested and identified as compulsory (*) by the corresponding order form.
You can ask for the content of your data and ask for its modification or deletion at any time while writing to

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