Audit of Financial Statements

Statutory Audit

An independent audit provides stakeholders with adequate assurance regarding the internal control environment and the financial statements of the organization. Additionally, an audit helps you uncover the hidden future potential in your organization.
Besides making sure your business adheres to all legal requirements, Groupe audit strives to create value as well as strengthen your firm from top to bottom. We combine an international scope with a detailed approach and service a clientele that is spread across many different industries. Our auditors are put through extensive training and always have an objective perspective as well as a personalized service. Auditing is our core business and we are committed to providing our clients with continued excellence.

Legal Assignments

Our local teams are there to help you with any legal audit assignment obliged by law. These assignments could consist out of a contribution in kind, winding-up of a company, changing the legal form of a company, mergers, and any other type of transaction where an audit report is required by law.

Transactions Services 

Due Diligence

Our dedicated teams of professionals, experienced in due diligence engagements are there to serve your immediate or long terms requirements. Our teams have the necessary technical expertise derived from a large variety of industries. They will be a valuable tool in helping your company make all crucial investment decisions. Working alongside investment bankers lawyers and other experts, we specialize in due diligence and vendor due diligences. Our teams operate from the United States or Europe on a transnational scope therefore enabling delivery in several languages based upon your needs.

International Offices

We are proud to have offices in North America, Europe & Asia.

Our Offices