Revue Banque : the challenges of debt, a cross-section of views between Jean-François Serval and Christian de Boissieu

Posted on 10/27/2022

Jean-François Serval, president and founder of Groupe Audit Serval and Christian de Boissieu, economist, professor emeritus at Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), vice-president of the Circle of economists, administrator and president of the Scientific Council of the Concorde Foundation, discuss issues of public debt in the November issue of Revue Banque (n° 873). 

On the theme of the sustainability of public debt, the Revue Banque offers a cross-examination of the observation and the method that would make it possible to control the drift of public debt. This particularly rich exchange allows Jean-François Serval to highlight the approach he formulated in his latest book to “get out of the debt trap” *; the transformation of debt into productive investments.

"Innovations financières et Réforme monétaire ou comment sortir du piège de la dette"; Gualino

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