Jean-François Serval's and Jean-Pascal Tranié's new book about monetary reform and the challenge of debt

Posted on 06/08/2022
Jean-François Serval, founder partner of  Groupe Audit Serval, and his co-author, Jean-Pascal Tranié, head of an international investment fund, continue their reflection on the world of money, with the publication of a new book " Financial Innovations and Monetary Reform, or how to get out of the debt trap"; to be published on July 5, 2022, by Gualino (Lextenso Editions). This reflection extends the two previous books by the authors devoted to the challenges of the international monetary system:
-"La Monnaie virtuelle qui nous fait vivre": Eyrolles, 2011
- "Monetary system: Analysis and New Approaches to Regulation": Wiley, 2014

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