Book synthesis: the virtual currency

Publié le 04/29/2011

How can we understand the notion of currency today? Financial innovation has created a great amount of money not controlled by central banks.  This "virtual currency" is necessary, but also dangerous.

In a unique synthesis of contempory monetary issues, "la monnaie virtuelle qui nous fait vivre" identifies the mechanisms by which this virtual currency has changed the economies of developed countries, and how much it contributed to the financial crisis. With forwords by Mrs Christine Lagarde, minister of Economy, finance and Industry of France, this book written in french by Jean-François Serval and Jean-Pascal Tranié proposes concrete ways to better assess and regulate this virtual currency in order to regain sustainable growth.

The book is available with the Publisher's web site "Editions Eyrolles" and other major sites (see News). In addition to the hardcopy, an electronic version in french can also be ordered with the publisher.

A synthesis and a summary in english is available hereafter.

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